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The use and function of galvanized coil

Application and function of galvanized coil plate

1. Detailed introduction of galvanized coil plate:

Galvanized coil refers to the thick steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is a kind of economic development and reasonable corrosion prevention method. About half of the global zinc production is used for such processing.

2. Efficacy of galvanized coil plate:

Galvanized coil plate is to prevent the surface of thick steel plate from being eroded and increase its service life. The surface of thick steel plate is coated with a layer of metal material zinc. This kind of thick steel plate coated with zinc is called galvanized coil plate.

3. Main uses of galvanized coil plate:

Galvanized coil plate is suitable for engineering construction, household appliances, cars, utensils, transportation and ancestral industries. It is a manufacturing industry such as steel structure engineering, automobile industry and steel warehouse manufacturing.

4. The key characteristics of galvanized coil plate are:

Strong corrosion resistance, good process performance, benefit from production and processing, high cost performance.

5. Specification and model of galvanized coil plate:

Relevant product executive standards indicate the specification thickness, length, total width and allowable error strongly recommended by galvanized coil plate. The thickness error of galvanized coil plate is generally 0.05mm, the width error is generally 5mm, and the thickness of plate is generally 0.2-3.2.

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