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Why are stainless steel plates widely used?

Why are stainless steel plates widely used?

Stainless steel clad plate is a bimetal composed of stainless steel and carbon steel or low alloy steel. The corrosion resistance is guaranteed by the stainless steel layer, and the strength is mainly obtained by the carbon steel or low alloy steel layer, which can save a lot of stainless steel and has good economic value. Stainless steel composite plate is widely used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, nuclear energy and other fields due to its good comprehensive performance and price advantages.

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Stainless steel composite plate is composed of coating and base layer. Their physical and chemical properties are different. After welding, the original comprehensive properties of the composite plate, the basic layer, the cladding layer and the transition layer, their materials and service requirements are welded. Low carbon steel or low alloy steel is used as the base layer and can be welded. When welding the base course, the welding materials shall be selected according to the principle of equal strength. The coating material is austenitic stainless steel, and the selection of welding materials mainly meets the special performance requirements and the principle of meeting the corrosion requirements of chemical composition.

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The welding of the transition layer at the junction of the stainless steel clad plate base layer and the cladding layer belongs to the welding of different metals. The physical properties of the two materials differ greatly, and the metallurgical reaction process of welding is complex, which directly affects the success or failure of the welding process. In addition to defects such as transition layer welding process, weld crystallization crack, liquefaction crack in heat affected zone and embrittlement in fusion zone, it can also reduce the diffusion and penetration of base layer. The transition layer shall be made of high chromium nickel welding material to supplement the dilution of the cladding layer by the base layer and the combustion of alloy elements during welding, so as to ensure the corrosion resistance of the cladding layer.

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Diamond plate (i.e. various patterns are formed on the surface by embossing or etching to enhance the decorative effect), color plate (i.e. stainless steel is immersed in a certain solution to make the oxide film on the surface show different colors) and coated plate produced by stainless steel manufacturers. These different surface treatment methods make stainless steel more widely used in building decoration, household appliances and art. Further expansion of application and demand: stainless steel is widely used in Chinese Mainland, Japan, the United States, Europe and other places. In Japan, stainless steel is widely used in kitchen equipment, followed by construction and industrial machinery. Stainless steel is widely used in the automotive field in the United States, followed by industrial machinery and construction. In Europe, stainless steel is widely used in industrial machinery, followed by welded pipes and metal products processing. In Chinese Mainland, stainless steel is widely used in metal products and welded pipes, followed by industrial machinery and construction. Stainless steel plate manufacturers believe that as an ideal engineering structural material, stainless steel composite plates are suitable for oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, electrolytic aluminum, light industry, food, seawater desalination, water conservancy and hydropower, nuclear energy, high energy physics, environmental protection and other industrial fields.

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