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What are the advantages of color stainless steel plate? How to distinguish?

What are the advantages of color stainless steel plate? How to distinguish?

Stainless steel was invented by Henry brailley, a famous metallurgical scientist, in the early 20th century. Stainless steel has excellent characteristics such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and antibacterial resistance. Of course, stainless steel plates made of stainless steel have its advantages, such as heat resistance, high hardness and impermeability. Therefore, inadvertent stains on the table can be cleaned as new with a towel, which is easy to scrub and maintain. The service life is long, so the cost performance of stainless steel plate is high in comparison with various types of products.

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Introduction of color stainless steel plate

Color stainless steel plates have become a beautiful group in the stainless steel series. Generally, they are professional color stainless steel vacuum coated titanium plates with a rich variety of colors. The common ones on the market are: gold plating, champagne gold, black gold, gun black, silver white, silver gray, bronze, bronze, rose gold, purple gold, coffee gold, gem blue, seven colors, tea, etc; Titanium plate is mainly made of stainless steel 201, 202, 304, etc; The surface is divided into 8K, 2b, Ba drawing, No.3, No 4; Stainless steel plate is divided into Ba plate, 8K mirror plate, titanium plate, frosted plate, etched flower plate, embossed plate, etc. The stainless steel table has stable color, uniform film, and is strong and wear-resistant. It can be guaranteed not to fade for decades.

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Comprehensive evaluation of stainless steel plate

The stainless steel table is strong, clean, bright, durable, easy to clean, practical and excellent in all performances. Usually, a layer of thin stainless steel plate is added on the surface of high-density fireproof board, and blockboard or plywood is placed under it to form a whole. Various studies show that compared with other countertops, stainless steel countertops have strong antibacterial regeneration ability, environmental protection and no radiation, and various performances are excellent. However, the vision is "hard" and gives people a "cold" feeling. After the table top is scratched, it is also easy to leave irreparable traces. At the same time, the treatment requirements for the corners and joints of the cabinet table top are higher.

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Identification of stainless steel plate material

304 is the best stainless steel material, and many manufacturers mix 202 material with 304 material. The two materials are almost silver white from the surface, and it is difficult to distinguish from each other from the magnetism. Let's introduce several simple recognition methods.
1. It can be distinguished by special potions. This liquid medicine is actually a strong acid. As long as the liquid medicine is dropped on the stainless steel surface, after a while, if the place where the liquid medicine is dropped is red, it means that it is made of 201 material. If the liquid medicine is not discolored, it means that it is made of 304 material.
2. Friction spark identification method. You can ask the merchants for their lower corner materials, cut them and see the sparks. Generally, 202 stainless steel has a high manganese content, so the discount spark is very stuffy and there are many forks; 304 stainless steel has brighter sparks and fewer forks.
3. If conditions permit, send it to a professional quality inspection department for inspection.
Are you clear about the classification of stainless steel countertops? In fact, there are many kinds of stainless steel countertops in life, and the materials used by different manufacturers and brands will have some differences. We must carefully identify when buying, choose stainless steel countertops with good quality, and don't be deceived by inferior products.

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