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What are the application fields of color stainless steel plate in stainless steel plate processing?

What are the application fields of color stainless steel plate in stainless steel plate processing?

Colored stainless steel is a very special plate. It has smooth surface, bright colors and corrosion resistance. It has rich applications in various fields of life. However, it is rarely used in China. Generally, it is used more abroad, mostly in building decoration and electrical frame. Under the light effect, this color steel plate can show many different colors, including golden yellow and dark green. Among them, 310S stainless steel plate can also form sky blue, and 304 stainless steel plate can also form purple. It has to be said that the color stainless steel plate processing industry has brought a lot of fascinating scenery to the city. So why does this steel plate have this color change? The reason is that there is a colorless and transparent oxide film on its surface. Due to the interference of this oxide film to the sunlight at different incident angles, the stainless steel plate shows different colors, so that beautiful landscapes of city buildings appear.


The color steel plate processed from this stainless steel plate has been used in foreign buildings for a long time. This architectural design is called wiq industrial design. But you may not imagine that although there are more color steel plates used abroad, most of them are produced in China. China's colored stainless steel not only has very good metal specific luster and strength, but also has bright colors and can be maintained for a long time. It can not only maintain the primary color and physical and chemical mechanical properties of stainless steel plate, but also enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate. Because of these characteristics of colored stainless steel plate, it has been widely used in automobile, electronic industry, building materials, arts and crafts and other fields since 1970.


It is important to say that because most of the colored stainless steel plates are produced domestically, many tariffs will be added for export. Foreigners feel that the costs can not be reconciled, so there are also many foreign colored stainless steel processing manufacturers. It is conservatively estimated that there are more than ten enterprises. Moreover, foreign enterprises have mastered the non-ferrous metal coloring method of 310S stainless steel plate, the corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant organic coating coloring method of 304 stainless steel plate, the enamel coloring method, and the surface oxidation treatment coloring method. There is also a low-temperature surface oxidation coloring method, which has simple technology and low processing cost. The most important thing is that the color stainless steel plate produced is beautiful and durable. This method is most widely used in various stainless steel coloring methods. Before using this method to process stainless steel plates, the stainless steel surface should be polished before using low-temperature surface oxidation coloring to make the stainless steel plate finish meet the requirements, so that the color will be more uniform and the color will be very beautiful. After the polishing work is completed, acid pickling is also carried out to remove the naturally formed oxide film, so as to prevent the surface from being corroded.


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