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High pressure seamless pipe material introduction and process steps


High pressure seamless pipe is actually a high pressure boiler tube, because the high pressure seamless pipe is usually used in the pipeline of high temperature and high pressure boilers, so it is also known as the boiler tube, although the above two pipes are called different, but in fact is a kind of seamless steel pipe and belong to the category of seamless steel pipe, the production process is no different from seamless steel pipe. However, due to its special working environment, it has high requirements on material use. The high-pressure seamless pipe mainly bears a certain temperature and pressure of the liquid, but the liquid transported is also divided into a variety of, because the use is different, making the material of the high-pressure seamless pipe different, but what are the specific materials?

We know that the production process of seamless pipes is divided into two kinds of hot rolling and cold drawing, and in the cold drawing process is divided into two kinds of tubes: shaped tubes and circular tubes, so the same is true of high-pressure seamless pipes.

Hot rolling process steps

The overall process of hot rolling, the round tube billet is heated to a certain temperature, and then perforated, the next step is the three-roll skew rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion process, followed by tube removal, sizing, and then cooling to form the billet, straightening, and finally marked after hydraulic test.

Cold drawing process

Or the round tube billet is heated to the temperature that can be perforated, perforated treatment, after the head, annealing, pickling, copper plating these steps, the next step can be cooling treatment, need to be cooled several times, the billet formed after cooling is also heat treated and straightened, the same water pressure test can be marked into the warehouse.

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